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The Lethal Strike -
Procedures for Properly Managing Injection Injuries

Produced under the direction of FPSI™'s founder and director, Rory S. McLaren, The Lethal Strike is an exceptional safety presentation, which focuses on the correct pre-hospitalization management of an injection injury. High-pressure injection injuries are becoming increasingly prevalent. Therefore it is essential that anyone involved in the management and/or treatment of this type of injury be fully aware of the correct steps required to ensure that this type of injury is handled correctly.

This dynamic 15 minute presentation covers:

Typical cause of injection injuries.

Included with each Lethal Strike DVD (ENTER):
a downloadable quiz with up to twenty (20) questions to enable you to measure the audiences grasp of the topic; and, a downloadable "Dear Doctor" memorandum containing all the pertinent questions the attending surgeon will need to have answered in the event of an injection injury.

What to do if you suffer an injection injury.
How to properly manage the victim of an injection injury.
What NOT to do if you become the victim of an injection injury.
How to make sure the victim receives the proper medical treatment.
The responsibilities of everybody involved with the injury including, but not limited to:
the victim
the supervisor
the company safety officer/director
the initial medical responder
the hand surgeon

• Interview with a hand surgeon (5 minutes)
• Interview with a medical doctor (5 minutes)
Cost of the DVD is US$275.00.


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