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History of the Fluid Power Safety Institute™
The Fluid Power Training Institute™ (FPTI™), founded by Rory S. McLaren, became one of the major centers for hydraulic training workshops and manufacturing of hydraulic simulators. With his active role in the hydraulics industry, Rory became aware of the need to implement safety as an occupational standard. As a result, he created the Fluid Power Safety Institute™ (FPSI™), which became a division of FPTI™. The purpose of FPSI™ is to educate companies and individuals in occupational safety within the fluid power industry. This is accomplished through the FPSI™ website, where individuals can find safety links, FPTI™'s safety products, and articles covering preventative safety measures and occupational injuries. More importantly, through the FPSI™ website, individuals can contact the Fluid Power Training Institute™ to inquire about safety issues they are concerned about, or to request more information.

Mission Statement
Fluid Power Safety Institute™ (FPSI™) will network and advocate hydraulic safety through informative outreach as its main endeavor. We strive to make accident prevention a two-fold principle: to prevent occupational hazards in fluid power, and to attain a firm commitment from both hydraulic-related organizations and educational facilities to implement safety in their work ethic and learning materials. We will achieve this by establishing an on-going discussion of safety via the internet, and posting the latest hydraulic safety products, websites, and news on our website as well.

The FPSI™ slogan: "Fluid Power Safety doesn't just happen. It has to be pursued!"

Rory S. McLaren
Founder and Director
Fluid Power Safety Institute™

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