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Finally a product that is designed exclusively for detecting hidden leaks in hydraulic hose bundles so you, and especially your hands, are NEVER exposed to a lethal injection of hydraulic fluid! -

Bundled hoses hide leaks which makes them a breeding ground for injection injuries (Figure 1). Most injection injuries occur when maintenance personnel attempt to find oil leaks by separating bundled hoses by hand. If there is as little as 100-PSI/6.9 bar (pressure) in the system, it could create enough force to drive the oil effortlessly through a leather gauntlet and into the skin.

The result, a trip to the emergency room, lengthy surgery, and, months of painful rehabilitation. Associated costs can range from $30,000.00 to over $100,000.00 in medical expenses alone.

Hydra-Check's portable MicroLeak detection kit takes the risk out of oil leak detection in all types of hydraulic transmission lines.

The portable MicroLeak detection kit is extremely easy to use:
1. Wear safety glasses.
2. Lock the machine out in accordance with your company's lockout and tagout policy.
3. De-energize the "suspect" transmission line and verify that it has been de-energized.
4. Screw the special pressure/leak adaptor into one end of the "suspect" transmission line (Figure 2).
5. Plug the other end of the line with a second pressure/leak adaptor.
6. Attach the portable pressure/leak pump to the pressure connector on the pressure/leak adaptor.
7. Operate the lever on the portable pressure/leak pump and attempt to pressurize the "suspect" transmission line (Figure 3).
8. While pumping, observe the pressure gauge on the portable pressure/leak test pump. Continue pumping until the pressure on the gauge is equal to the maximum pressure rating of the "suspect" transmission line.
9. If the transmission line does not have a leak, the pressure will build and hold.
10. If the transmission line has a leak, the pressure/leak test pump will either fail to build pressure in the line, or, the pressure will increase and decrease with the operation of the lever on the portable pressure/leak test pump.
11. Repeat the procedure on each "suspect" transmission line until the leak is detected.

The portable transmission line MicroLeak detection kit consists of (Figure 4):
1. Rugged carry-case.
2. Portable pressure/leak test pump (3000 PSI/207 bar).
3. Micro-Flow™ hose assembly.
4. Male JIC connectors with Micro-connectors (sizes #4 to #20 - larger sizes available).


1. Male J1453 (flat-face) connectors with Micro-connectors (sizes #4 to #20 - larger sizes available).
2. Code 61 connectors with Micro-connectors (sizes #8 to #20 - larger sizes available).
3. Code 62 connectors with Micro-connectors (sizes #8 to #20 - larger sizes available).
4. Caterpillar® Code 62 connectors with Micro-connectors (sizes #8 to #20 - larger sizes available).
5. Operation manual.

NOTE: Caterpillar® is a registered trade-mark of the Caterpillar Tractor Company.
While Hydra-Check manufactures components for testing Caterpillar® equipment, Hydra-Check is in no way affiliated with Caterpillar®, nor does Hydra-Check manufacture for Caterpillar®.
The products which Hydra-Check manufactures for testing Caterpillar® equipment have not been endorsed by Caterpillar®.

Please contact us through the Fluid Power Training Institute™ if you wish to receive more information regarding this product:

e-mail us at info@fpti.org

Bundled hoses

Figure 1

MicroLeak™ pressure/leak adaptor

Figure 2

MicroLeak™ portable perssure/leak pump
Figure 3

MicroLeak™ kit
Figure 4


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